Astrology progressed moon conjunct ascendant

Progressed Moon Conjunct North Node

You can help the work of the Rudhyar Archival Project! Please make a donation today! The Marriage of Mind and Soul 6. The positions of celestial bodies 48 hours after the birth-moment thus symbolize the biopsychic condition of the infant as he or she begins a third year of life. The astrologer finds out what the "progressed" positions of all the planets will be when the client has passed his or her twenty-first birthday by looking for them in the ephemeris for the year of the client's birth, 21 days after the actual day of birth.

The usually stated formula for such progressions is "one day in the ephemeris equals one year of actual living. Most astrologers do not even question why it is that the technique gives significant results. They simply use the one-day-for-a-year formula as if there were nothing puzzling about it.

Some astrologers with a more inquiring and philosophical type of mind have tried to find the logic in this correspondence, and the best explanation has been that any whole cycle of motion can in some way be considered analogical to any other cycle.

This is one way in which the surface of the globe has often been divided into twelve longitudinal zones, each being made to correspond to or be "ruled" by one sign of the zodiac. One might assume that since the Sun is the source of all life on Earth, in order for the life-force in a newborn baby to be fully developed, the formative period of gestation should have to encompass a whole yearly cycle.

The next question to come to mind is this: why should this entire formative period be passed in the closed field of a physical womb? In the field represented by the home, the baby comes in contact with people and experiences the basic rhythms of life. The baby's senses react to light, heat, moisture. He or she experiences hunger, pain, and we may assume, a sense of isolation in a strange world.

All these primordial and basic experiences and affects are necessary for the development of the psychic nature of the child, and for the development of what I mean by intelligence. I have defined psychism as the power that integrates a human being into his or her community and culture and first of all his or her family environment. This power, binding as it is, is as necessary for the growth of a fully developed personality as the nine months in the physical womb are necessary for the formation of the physical body.

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By "intelligence" I mean the capacity inherent in a human being to make whatever adjustments are needed to successfully operate in a biological, and, especially, a sociocultural environment. In its more primitive form, intelligence is cunning. In school it is the ability to deal not only with the mass of knowledge one is supposed to remember and assimilate, but with what teachers and the whole educational system expect of a student.

What we call "intelligence tests" are given to ascertain the ability a person has to function effectively and in a normal way in a particular society and culture. Recently publicized data indicating the crucial importance of the experiences to which a baby is subjected during the first weeks of his or her existence may be thought to provide a general, but existential and concrete, support to my interpretation of the reason why progressions can be exceedingly significant if used in the proper manner.

This, however, does not alter the fact that progressions have a symbolic character. Yet in some instances, an apparently routine event might leave a deep psychic impression which could produce a psychosomatic reaction at a later date. Generally speaking, astrological progressions do not refer directly to concrete events; they symbolize the particular manner in which the more-than-physical, psychic and mental, parts of the human personality develop. Concrete events evidently affect this process of growth; but one might also reverse the situation and believe that it is the character of the process which, according to the newborn's karma, precipitates outer events of various types.

In the ninety days that follow birth, the Sun moves about 90 degrees, thus through three zodiacal signs or possibly four, if one is born with the Sun at the very end of a sign. During that period only the planets closer to the Sun than Jupiter advance far from their natal positions; some may even regress a few degrees after the day of birth. The more distant planets, from Jupiter outwards, move only very short distances, either forward or during their retrograde periods backward. The passage of the progressed Moon through each of the twelve houses of the birth-chart has therefore a unique meaning.

If the individual remains solely at the level of individual consciousness, the third period, after the 56th year, should be one of either personal fulfillment or gradual degeneration or crystallization.

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If, however, the individual has deliberately and consciously entered the path of radical transformation and remained on it, the last third of the life can be the most important, as it may bring clearer and steadier transpersonal realizations, and the ability to radiate at least a degree of mature and spiritually illumined wisdom. The passage of the progressed Moon over each of the four Angles of the natal chart usually coincides with, and helps us interpret, some important inner or outer changes in a person's life and consciousness.

Progressed Moon in the seventh house and the focus is on relating — on partnership. This may be a time when relationships become central. Romantic relationships and other kind of partnerships e. Relationships are largely based on projection and expectations — and that is the primary learning here.

Become as aware as possible about your expectations of the other, and about what these say about you. You may take on a stronger interest in balance, harmony, peacefulness, beauty and aesthetics during this time. Progressed Moon in the eighth house brings two or so years spent understanding depth, power dynamics and other Scorpio themes. It is the deep, dark, the esoteric. Your progressed moon in the eighth house will likely compel you to seek to understand power or get subconsciously caught up in power games.

If your relationship focus from the 7th house continues it will change substantially. You will seek more from life — more experience, more depth, more challenge. You may become overly cynical. Watch out for your own dark side.

Lean on empathy. Power without empathy is hollow and unfulfilling. Progressed Moon in the ninth house shifts the focus to a much broader lens. You will become interested in wider philosophy and theory, in exploration and travel — either in the mind or in the outer world. You may develop new spiritual understandings or join a different school of thought. Your thirst for depth from the eighth house will develop into a quest for knowledge, research and understanding. You may seek to develop a platform to share ideas, you may yearn to spend more time in nature.

Sun enters Scorpio

Progressed Moon in the tenth house and your journey towards greater philosophical ideas shifts from the theoretical into the practical. How can you influence the world? If you previously have shown little interest in career development this is the time in which you may feel compelled to find a vocation, or it may be time for a career shift towards one that is more fulfilling.

Progressed Moon

This time is the right time to keep casting your rod into the ocean, you will eventually catch a fish or at least learn a lot in the process. Be practical. Learn to fail, and to process rejection and find strength in vulnerability. These are very important lessons.

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You are finding your place in the world. Look to your midheaven sign and any strong aspects for the nature of your lessons. Progressed Moon in the eleventh house and you take your new place in the world in a different direction. This is a time for networking, meeting new acquaintances and socialising. This is also a time when you may feel more detached from personal turmoil and more interested in humanitarian pursuits.

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How do you want to improve the world? What issues do you care most about? You may feel compelled to get involved in activism, charity or volunteer work. You may be interested in learning to use new technology for greater communication and to have a further reach. You may connect more with people over the internet. This is an inner-focused time, a time for deep self-work.

Lock yourself away in a convent if you have the opportunity, go on silent meditation retreats, spend a lot of time doing flow activities, yoga, journalling, walking in nature — if you have such luxury. The biggest thing to remember is not to have too many expectations of yourself or of your life at this point. Inner processing is important. It may feel like everything is going backwards. This is the inner part of a big spiral, where things seem to become very circular. Do the work. Work through them as they arise.


Your Saturn work will help you now. Your hard work will pay off, especially if you learn to question yourself. If you cannot face shame and the shadow now you may be prone to megalomania when the Sun progresses back to the first house. This is a very good time for therapy. How are you experiencing the Progressed Moon in your life right now? Have you noticed shifts occurring when the progressed Moon moved from one house to another in your natal chart? Please share your experiences below….

She has helped me make more sense of my life. Isa Ritchie, New Zealand. We both highly recommend a session, with or without your partner, and whatever stage in life you are at! Sophie Kyle and Derek Birrell, England.

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After having my first astrology reading by Faith I came for second one and I wish I can come more and more, especially when facing some big decisions. My reading not only helped bring new things to light, but also brought about a better awareness and understanding of other things I had recognized and acknowledged in my life. Much love Faith, thank you for everything. Jenny S, Israel. Meeting you was definitely a serendipitous event. I feel forewarned and its helping me roll with it.