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Solar and Lunar Eclipse Dates: –

And another aspect here is that Pisces the sign where the eclipse took place is the main indicator for italian, roman and catholic cultures. Therefore the aspect of Pisces is and has been to some extent included as a habitual point of orientation of german politics towards Rome and later towards the European Union for over years.

What Does This New Moon in Cancer Mean?

Therefore the position of the March 20 eclipse even if it indicates no strengthening of the independence of german governments it does surely indicate the strengthening of the orientation of german governments towards the European Union and the influence of the EU on german governments. This conjunction identifies Brussels role as a major point of resonance with the equinoctial solar eclipse.

The conjunction of the eclipse with the astrogeographical position of Brussels so indicates that the karmic issues brought up by the eclipse are working in favour of the European Union while they are challenging the german position. It is really fascinating to watch how my astrogeographical calculation can reach such a level of systemical insights, clarity and really strong evidence about the basical interaction at the foundation of here.

Read my post about the EU Parliament. As far as germany is concerned this is at least since the shift of the government from Bonn astrogeo.

Total (Solar) Eclipse of the Heart: Cancer’s New Moon Comes With Some Contradictions

For evaluation of the effects of the transists of the outer planets to the astrogeographic position of Berlin their transits during the fascist era have to be considered as most important. The lack of problematic apects of the outer planets so turned out to be a phase of unhindered expansion of the fascist government.

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The conjunction of Neptune with the capital may be evaluated to some extent as a state of endorphine paralysis for the population which only ended when the defeat and destruction of the city were in an advanced stage. The astrological chart for the german Capitulation in World War 2 calculated for 10 May , , Berlin.

This is a time for progress toward the inner, rather than outer, realm.

What is the astrological significance of an Eclipse?

Farmers often use this time to plant root crops, which grow under the surface of the earth. Projects you start between the eclipse and the next Full Moon about 2 weeks , take on added significance 6 months down the road.

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Solar Eclipse, Feb 26 , 08° Pisces. Lunar Eclipse, March 13 , 22° Virgo. Lunar Eclipse, Aug 8 , 15° Aquarius. Solar Eclipse, Aug 22 , 29° Leo. Cafe Astrology reports on the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse: when they occur. Lunar Eclipse Mar 23, PM Sun 3 Ari 01 Opposition Moon 3 Lib 01(LE) Feb 9, AM Sun 19 Aqu 21 Opposition Moon 19 Leo 21(LE) July 6.

This applies to the seeds you plant, projects you undertake, contacts you make, and intentions you set. Decisions, events efforts, and matters you finish during this waning cycle have significance in the future.

Yearly Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

It also powers up the process of letting go, working through hangups and clearing the clutter. Full Moons in general, and Lunar eclipses in particular, are times of high emotion. The Full Moon brings activity and awareness, full illumination of the emotional realm.

airtec.gr/images/como/1968-localizar-mviles.php The Sun and the Moon, your ego and your emotions, are on opposite sides of the sky, as if the other were a mirror. You can see yourself in others if we are willing to look. Many are not. If you were to represent them using two hula hoops, you would cross them over in the middle, like this. The angle is exaggerated here for effect. The two paths intersect in two places.

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE New Moon in Pisces + EQUINOX March 20th 2015~

Sagittarius is a warrior sign transforming the world from material to spiritual. It will fight for change and does not always care about the cost as old patterns need to break in order that new can manifest. Mula is the root, and it wants to destroy the source of past karma so that the soul can be free.

All Signs New Moon Solar Eclipse March 2016 Vedic Astrology Horoscopes

During the eclipse, all planets are in three signs creating a transit Shula yoga we do not take Rahu Ketu in this yoga. Shula yoga is part of the Nabhasa yoga which shows the pattern of planets in the sky. Shula comes crome Trishula — which is the weapon of Lord Shiva.

This can be used to destroy ignorance, however, in the wrong hands, it can create pain, sorrow and destruction. Jupiter is combust by the Sun, so its strength is Sagittarius and wisdom is not present to handle this explosive and unsettled situation.

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The potential of this eclipse is to make significant changes.