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Julia Gillard is connected with Catherine and William, hence why I became aware of who she was on their wedding day. Perhaps my natal sun being in direct opposition to the galactic centre has something to do with this. Westminster is an extraordinary place …. I knew before any announcement that their wedding service would be held here. This is about 1 degree east of Stonehenge which makes me wonder, since Wiltshire is the centre for most crop circles, does Stonehenge mark an ancient time centre which has subtly moved one degree some where in the past?

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Excellent work Rob, as ever! Wormhole sounds about right. Stonehenge also shows the same 56 points as this dense plasma focus. Wal Thornhill Thunderbolts reckons this is the key to Stonehenge. As you know, the area we speak about is weird in the extreme! They certainly have their own homeopaths and astronomer — Sir Martin Rees.

Brilliant stuff! They;re very good. I think Elizabeth I was more interested in controlling her subjects than healing them. I too believe Martin Rees is the reincarnation of John Dee. The occupational similarities are obvious. Martin was born on the 23rd June — rd day of the year. John Dee was born on the 13th July — The name JOHN numerically totals The name REES numerically totals John Dees birth date It is speculated that John Dee died in either or early John Dee used astrology to aid Elizabeth in defeating the Armada and was without a doubt a weather worker in this — he is also the originator of the notion of the British Empire — quite a lasting effect this guy provided us with!

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Taking into account of your positive qualities, Pisces, you are almost too good to be true. I will be a regular visitor for a really long time. Which were not true anyway. I recognise aspects of myself in your sensitive evocations of us fishes and its so nourishing to see the positive side. As a part of your imagination, you can turn a pallet into a functional and beautiful piece of furniture. The arena hopes for more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe. With the borderless decks, card counting gets a bit tough because all the colors of the cards kind of melt into each other.

He recently won the Templeton Prize. He also cites the choir — rated fifth in the world by Gramophone magazine — as a reason for his attendance. A real magus! Algol seems to be on Venus!!! I know this is considered too wide an orb for a fixed star conjunction but given the closeness of the stelliium and how it manifests…. I asked it because all astrologers in my country ask the same…because their wedding aspects are very bad…um….

Where are you from Ivana? I think people born on eclipses also have their personal lives very much obscured and become pawns of fate. He has venus in 5 in opposit. And when? I am from Serbia ex Yugoslavia , and all of our astrologers are not opthimistic. Now I will introduce one of the opinions of our astrologers: Date of marriage good for William, but not for her.

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Wedding of Prince William and Kate Midlton being organized with filigree precision and every minute ceremony will be planned in great detail in order to avoid any unpleasant incident. However, astrological analysis and class royal wedding reveals many unpleasant challenges that will be exposed to future spouses, but also offers a useful lesson about choosing a favorable time for marriage. Of course the most precise chosen wedding date itself will not make a happy marriage between two incompatible people, but choosing the best time will certainly help to many differences and rough edges in the character of the two personalities fine and harmoniously united in marriage mosaic.

Horoscope royal wedding of Prince William and Kate set a future princess April 29th to th at 11 h after the London summer time and the right one can ask whether this date and time fit into the harmonious elekcioni horoscope. There is no doubt that the wedding date and time chosen by the royal astrologer, because in addition to the many bad aspects of that day, he was nevertheless chosen to be good for Prince William, but not for Kate.

The Sun at the time of marriage is strongly placed at the top of the sky in the X field, so that William will be favored in their marriage and his word will be a command. Sun is also a fixed sign of Taurus, so he will want to stay in the marriage and will stubbornly insist on its position.

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Sun is the star of stagnant malefic Hamal, who brings violence, danger and head injury. Kate was presented to Venus, a woman in a married relationship, and Saturn, as ruler of the VII field spouses. The wedding horoscope Venus is badly placed under the sign of his fall in Aries, in opposition with Saturn exalted in Libra. Venus is in the X field, the horoscope, so Kate will be too exposed to public criticism, and Saturn in the fourth field, field completion, indicating that the marriage will end prematurely.

chetarpligthe.ga As Saturn is also the ruler VIII field, the field of suffering, there is a possibility for premature termination of marriage, and this may be a tragedy that need not necessarily be negative from the perspective of the royal family. From wedding horoscopes and fate of marriage of Prince William and Kate Midlton should learn a few things to avoid when choosing a wedding date and time. Avoid the position of the moon in the zodiac kadentnom field these are 3,6,8,9 and 12 field horoscopes , because there is no need to borrow an accident.

If you want a harmonious and long marriage in which neither side can not stand, the Sun and Venus, and the rulers and the VII field should be set in harmony, because both equally deserve to be happy. Empty the moon walk, no single aspect with other planets, further complicating the matter, especially when it is in the decadent IX field in the zodiac sign of Pisces.

Since Mesco points on the course of events in marriage, and as a ruler XII fields, field barriers and isolation, suggests that nothing important and good will happen in this marriage. Moon is weak because of the pale, declining in the last quarter, is in thermal Mars, which is a wicked place for him.

I support the charities listed above, and often speak at local schools. OWL asked Tom to tell our readers about his family:. We just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We were children when we married! We have three children. Tyler is He's won four Emmys for his part in Fox's World Series coverage.

Will is Hayley is She will be a senior at the University of Texas, majoring in Communications. My father was a career Naval officer. He retired in Arlington, VA as a three star Admiral. The U. Mustin destroyer was named for my father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and uncle. Dad passed away two years ago. My mother still lives in Arlington and is a member of the Army-Navy Country Club tennis and golf team.

He also retired from the Navy as a captain. He is married to his wife, Tracy. They have three children, and 6 grandchildren.

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My sister Kay lives in Suffolk Virginia. She's a hospital recruiter. Her husband Steve is an award winning home project manager. They have three children.

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My brother John, is keeping up the family's naval tradition. He graduated from the Naval Academy in , and is now a rear Admiral.

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He and his wife, Kim, live in New York City. What a small world!

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Tom has this advice for new ACS Athens graduates, and young upcoming professionals in general:. Figure out what you want to do with your life and do it. Don't ever let anyone tell you what you can and can't do. Life is short, so pursue your dreams with passion and persistence. I had a teacher at UCLA who offered some great words of wisdom- 'Don't ever be frightened, intimidated, or lazy. Now it's up to you to build on that foundation.

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Work hard, have fun and change the world! Tom Mustin. Stefanos Gialamas. Watch this space next month for photos!

Lots of plans in the works. Tours, a cruise of several islands, a trip down to the Peloponnese. A-la-cart pricing and package pricing will be available. Airfare to Athens is separate. Start making your plans. Invite your friends and family.