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Moon in Taurus

But maybe the most noticeable, the mention of the Sun and Moon is the essential part of the Astrology. In the Astrology, the Sun and the Moon take the important place, besides the planets.

Moon in Taurus

It is said that the planets reveal so much about the person, but in fact, the Luminaries are the ones that take the leading role in the case of the natal chart, since the entire actions in the horoscope evolve around the Sun and the Moon. What does this mean when we look at the character and personality of this human being?

Many people say that this person has one of the best combinations of luminaries that can be found in the Virgo sign so that you can read all about this topic. This is a person who, without a lot of noise and trouble, quietly can gain true independence in his life; he is the one who fully understands the values and difficulties of real life and has the sense of achieving realistic goals.

The Moon that is located in the Taurus sign gives the ability that this human can create a solid social and material position — which, however, does not prevent him from maximally developing his feelings and offering others the best part of himself, and he has so many amazing qualities.

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Among them — he is the person who has a lot of hidden power and energy — some of that energy even he does not know to have, and it reveals later in life, and others are familiar but need to be awakened. He is never seen as a brilliant person, but the one that is patient and who knows his own values in life; so when we look at his life in total, we could say that he will most certainly be successful.

This human can even show some stubbornness in the desire to live the way he sees that is the best; however, when he moves into action, he is able to tilt everything in his path, removing those who create disturbances of any kind. This self-defense principle has a relatively limited territory, and a person with these luminaries in his personal chart is ready to do everything to ensure security in the area that belongs to him. Here, we are talking about the person who has luminaries located in the Virgo and Taurus combination, and this means that he is inclined to self-control, methodical work and avoiding adventure.

And it is true that this attitude will keep him from the risks and blows of life, but will threaten to close the monotony from which he will not seek the exit because he does not mind. He likes to be safe and to feel that he has stability in his life; he cherishes that feeling most of all.

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But, we must say one more thing — you cannot grow unless you feel pain and discomfort. And this person stubbornly avoids all situations that are like this, and for this behavior he can be stuck for a long time in one place, even if it has many qualities. Having said all this, we also must say that this is the person who can regret because of all that he missed out in his, especially in his old age.

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He can feel the bitterness because he did not use all that life provides, which did not venture into the risk of this or that occasion. The keyword that will help us understand this human being is freedom — the freedom of thought, speech, action — he needs to have it in all interpersonal relations, including friendships.

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He is one friend in your society that is carefree, friendly and optimistic and is probably quite restless at an early age. However, he is intuitive and idealistic, and expects a lot from his friends, and hates if they disappoint him in any way. He also needs friends that will share with him his intentions to live the life of pleasures, along with the search for the spiritual horizons in life.

He lives by the process of gaining impressions and learns a new one, and his friends need to follow this and to laugh all the way.

Moon in Taurus // Emotional Taurus

Some others may see him as the one that is a bit full of himself, and we must say that in some way he is, but he certainly has the qualities to back it up. As a human being and as a friend, he has a lot to offer, and he feels like he is in title to ask the same from people who are close to him, especially his friends that are close to him.

We will add here one more thing that is relevant for his interpersonal relations — he is much more down to earth, grounded and more practical than the typical representative of the Sagittarius sign the Moon in Taurus gives this ability, and provides the necessary stability. It must be admitted that this is one of the most interesting combinations of the luminaries aspect, here we have two Zodiac signs that are equally in love with life each has his own way of expressing that love.

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Also Read Taurus About. Sagittarius will feel misunderstood, while Taurus feels Sagittarius is impractical and lives in a fantasy world of their own creation. When relating to either the Taurus sun or moon, you notice this difference. It is much easier to pick a Libra sun out of a crowd than a Libra moon. Because they are calm and most of the time patient, no problem will seem unsolvable to them. Leo's loud melodramatics may disrupt Taurus' serenity at times.

From one side we can see the Moon located in the Taurus -the part of his personality that is more down to earth, more sensual, more material, and tangible, his ideals are more realistic. But one more thing is relevant here, and this aspect connects this human being to the spiritual realm.

He is fighting hard for the freedom of others, and although he is a little skeptical, he can find time through the help of alternative methods to feel better and in this way he succeeds to be happy most of the time. For this person, it is very important to be and feel that he loved, and respected, cause then he is able to love with his full heart and thus can transmit even better energy to others.

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Yes, a fellow Aries would suit you well, as the two of you could find romance while playfully competing with one another. Bold and strong-minded Fire sign Leo also makes a match, while more sensitive Moon signs Cancer or Scorpio, do not.

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Taurus is known for its stubborn nature, making it difficult to cut through your strong-will If you can find another Taurus who shares in your indulgences, that would be great and fun, too! Those with precise Virgo and Capricorn Moons would be a match -- but a Libra Moon would find it most difficult to carry on its diplomacy through your more bullish tendencies. Chatty Gemini Moons are always moving from place to place, love interest to love interest!

Moon in Taurus with Moon in Libra - Forest for Women

Your ruling planet -- communicative Mercury -- would find much fulfillment in Air signs Aquarius or Libra, feeding into your desire to talk up a storm about high-minded topics at almost any given moment. The more serious Capricorn or Scorpio Moon signs may pose a challenge, and while dating a Pisces could be nice, both your flirty and flighty similarities may equal just a fling. The Moon rules over Cancer, making you one of if not the most emotionally-charged signs.

Tapping into your feelings and the feelings of those around you is second nature, and so dating a fellow Cancer Moon would create a lifetime of a very nurturing, caring partnership. Dreamy Pisces and more inward Scorpio also makes a match, while brazen Leo — even with its brazen approach to self-expression -- may prove too much to emotionally bear.

Your Fire sign is also ruled by the Sun -- the perfect recipe for one self-assured Moon sign! You want to be a leader, you want to make the most out of any given opportunity and you want your partner to take note and appreciate your strengths.